Telegram Not Sending SMS Code? 6 Best Ways to Fix it

Even though Telegram is less popular than Messenger or WhatsApp, it’s still used by millions of users. Telegram offers you more features than any other instant messaging app, but many bugs on the app ruin the in-app experience.

Also, the level of spam on Telegram is quite high. Recently, Telegram users worldwide have been facing problems while signing in to their accounts. Users have reported that Telegram is not sending the SMS code.

If you can’t get through the sign-up process because the account verification code is not arriving on your phone number, you may find this guide very useful.

This article will share a few of the best methods to fix Telegram not sending SMS codes. By following the methods we have shared, you can fix the problem and receive the verification code instantly. Let’s get started.

Telegram Not Sending SMS Code? 6 Best Ways to Fix it

If you’re not getting Telegram SMS code, the problem is probably on your end. Yes, the servers of Telegrams may be down, but mostly, it’s network related problem.

1. Make sure you’re entering the correct number

Before thinking about why Telegram is not sending SMS codes, you must confirm whether the number you entered for signing up is correct.

A user can enter the wrong phone number. When this happens, Telegram will send the SMS verification code to the wrong number you’ve entered.

So, return to the previous page on the Sign-up screen and enter the phone number again. If the number is correct, and you are still not getting the SMS codes, follow the next methods.

2. Make Sure Your SIM card has a proper signal

Well, Telegram sends the sign-up codes via SMS. Hence, if the number has a poor signal, it might be an issue. If network coverage is an issue in your region, you need to move to a location where the network coverage is fine.

You can try moving outside and checking if there are enough signal bars. If your phone has enough network signal bars, continue the sign-up process of Telegram. With a proper signal, you should receive the SMS verification code instantly.

3. Check the SMS Settings of Your Phone

If the SMS settings are not correctly configured, no SMS will reach your phone. Since Telegram Sends you the code via SM, it’s important to check the SMS Settings of your phone.

You can ask your friend to send an SMS to your phone number. If the SMS doesn’t reach your phone, there’s something wrong with the SMS Settings or incorrect SMSC.

The SMS settings will vary depending on the mobile network you are using. The easier solution is to contact your telecom provider and ask them for the proper configuration. They will guide you in configuring your SIM card/phone to receive SMS.

4. Check Telegram on other devices

You can use Telegram on multiple devices at the same time. Users sometimes install Telegram on desktops and forget about it. When they try to sign in to their Telegram account on mobile, they don’t receive the SMS verification code.

This happens because Telegram attempts to send codes on your connected devices (in-app) first by default. If it finds no active device, it sends the code as an SMS.
If you are not receiving Telegram’s verification codes on your mobile, you must check whether Telegram sends you the codes on the desktop app. To avoid receiving the code in-app, tap on the Send the code as an SMS option.

5. Receive Sign In Code via Call

If the SMS method still doesn’t work, you can receive the code via calls. Telegram automatically shows you an option to receive codes via calls if you cross the number of attempts to receive codes via SMS.

First, Telegram will try to send the code in-app if it detects Telegram is running on one of your devices. If no devices are active, it will send you an SMS containing the code.

If the SMS fails to reach your phone number, you can receive the code via phone call. To access the phone call verification option, tap on the ‘Didn’t get the code’ and select the Phone call option. You will receive a phone call from Telegram with your code.

6. Reinstall the Telegram app and try again

Many users have claimed to resolve Telegram not sending SMS problem just by reinstalling the app. While reinstallation has no link with Telegram won’t send an SMS code error, you can still try it.

Reinstallation will install the latest version of Telegram on your phone, which will probably fix Telegram not sending code problem.

To uninstall the Telegram app on Android, long press on the Telegram app and select Uninstall. Once uninstalled, open the Google Play Store and install the Telegram app again. Once installed, enter your phone number and sign in.

So, these are the few best ways to resolve Telegram Not sending SMS problem. If you need more help resolving Telegram won’t send code via SMS problem, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends as well.

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