How to Recover Deleted Files on iPhone with/without Backup

For iPhone users, we are here with How To Recover Deleted Files From iPhone. Sometimes we remove some important files or data. As many people use iPhone smartphone and keep their important daily use files or data in them.

But what if you delete data on your Android? On PC you can recover data when you delete it you can easily restores it from Recycle Bin but sometimes when you permanently delete files on your iPhone. At that time you can use our method to recover your deleted data. So proceed with the below guide.

The method is very simple and easy and recovers deleted data using the tool that we are going to discuss right here. So proceed with some simple steps below to recover out your deleted files in your ios device.

#1 Recover Deleted Files From iPhone Using  iMyfone iPhone Data Recovery software

Here you need a tool iMyfone iPhone Data Recovery in your windows PC and then youn restore your deleted data from connecting your iphone to this tool.

Features of this tool:-

  • Recover all types of lost data including text message, photo, video, call history, voice, contact, note and more.
  • Preview lost files before performing recovery.
  • Recover iPhone data as quickly as 3 minutes.

Recover Deleted Files on iPhone from the Recently Deleted Album

If what you would like to find is photos, the first method that you should apply must be the “Recently Deleted” album. Normally, when we delete pictures on iPhone from the camera roll or some other albums,

the photos will not permanently disappear but be moved to the “Recently Deleted” album and saved them there for 30 days. Before that date, you can easily get them back to the original album. Here are the detailed steps,

Go to Photos App > Tap on Albums > Scroll down to find the Recently Deleted album.
Open Recently Deleted album > Preview the recently deleted photos and check if there are photos you want to recover.
Click Select > Select the photos you want to recover > Tap on Recover in the bottom right corner.
Besides, the “note” data is also similar to the “photos”. You can also find a “Recently Deleted” folder where you can find the notes deleted within 30 days. Simple steps:

Open the “Notes” App > Tap the “Recently Deleted” folder > You will see what you have there

#2 Recovering Previous Backup File  Using iCloud

iCloud is a very effective way to restore iphone data. It backup all the data online to icloud server which is a very secure network to keep data. By this we can recover all the deleted data from there whenever needed ,just follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. First of all go to Settings menu and select General and from there, choose Reset and Erase All Content and Settings
  2. Now after erasing your iPhone, the device should prompt you to either set it up as a new phone or to restore it from a previous backup data. At this screen, select “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Note that this will work  only if you hace backup your iphone from iCloud earlier
  3. Now fill up your apple id and password from your phone and allow the content to download on your phone .And the downloading process will get completed .
  4. Thats it you are done with restoring all the data of your iphone to its previous state.

How To Recover Deleted Files From iPhone

#3 Recovering Files Using iTunes

In this method we will recovering all our iphone data from the itunes software of computer. In this app we select the previous backup file to restore all the data.Just follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. First of all open iTunes on your computer and prevent the program from automatically synching with your iPhone by going to the Edit menu, and then Settings of device. And when that window opens, choose Devices and check the box next to the option stating “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically” there.
  2. Now connect your phone with computer with usb cable and wait for computer to detect your device.
  3. Now in iTunes go to File menu and select devices and from there, choose the “Restore from Back up” option.This will work only if you has previously backup your iPhone with itunes.44
  4. Now allow the contents to be download on your device by selecting the Download Only option .
  5. Thats it all your data will be restored to the earlier date of your backup.

1. What is backed up in iCloud/iTunes?

We have to make sure that the iCloud/iTunes backup can back up most of the data that we are using such as photos, contacts, notes, calendars, etc.

2. iCloud/iTunes backup will not allow you to preview what is in it

The backup file is secured as an integral folder. There is no way to preview or check the iCloud backup files unless using some professional technologies.

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