New Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak reveals a tweak to the screen design

One of the big questions we’re asking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is whether or not Samsung will break with tradition and give the flagship a flat-edged screen. Well, according to the latest leak: not quite.

As per @RoderSuper on X (the social platform previously known as Twitter), via SamMobile, the S24 Ultra screen isn’t completely flat. Apparently, there’s a 0.3-0.4mm curve on the bezels, so just a hint of curvature.

This follows on from leaked images we saw earlier this week, suggesting that Samsung had indeed opted for a flat display. In the last few years, the Ultra models have come with curved edges, which has an effect on aesthetics, repairability, and the feel of the phones.

The tipster goes on to say that while the left and right bezels on the S24 Ultra are the same size as those on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the top and bottom bezels on the new phone will be half as thick as they are on the current edition.

The rumors so far


It would seem then that the screen bezels on the S24 Ultra are going to be less curved than previously, but not completely flat. We’ve also heard that it’s going to follow the iPhone 15 Pro in introducing a stronger titanium frame around the edges.

In terms of cameras, the rumor is that a 200MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP telephoto (with 3x optical zoom), and 48MP telephoto (with 5x optical zoom) will be fitted on the back. That would be a significant upgrade in telephoto terms.

And the leaks we’ve come across aren’t just restricted to hardware: the discovery of code hidden in the Instagram for Android app points to the Galaxy S24 phones having some kind of exclusive Instagram launch feature.

We don’t have to wait for very long to find out exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra looks like, or which components are going to be fitted inside, because we think the phone (and the others in the series) are going to appear in mid-January.

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