How to Change Home Address in Apple Maps on iPhone

Even though there is no shortage of navigation apps for iPhone, the best choice for accessing maps & navigation is the native Apple Maps. Apple Maps is less popular than Google Maps, but it has seen improvements in every new version of iOS.

If you’re an iPhone user who relies on Apple Maps for navigation, you may know that the app doesn’t automatically detect your home address. This means if you ever move to a new location, Apple Maps will continue showing you how long you will have to drive to reach your home address.

It’s important to note that Apple Maps has no option to set the home address; it just uses the home address set on your iPhone’s Contact Card. With that, we mean that you will have to edit your Contact Card & update the new Home address.

How to Change Home Address in Apple Maps on iPhone

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So, if you need to update an old home address on your iPhone, you can do it in the Contacts or Maps. However, the Maps method also requires editing the Contact Card. Check out the steps below to set & edit your home address in Apple Maps on iPhone.

That’s it! This will immediately change your Home address in your Contact Card. The change will also reflect on the Apple Maps app on your iPhone.

So, this guide is about changing your home address on an iPhone in the Apple Maps and Contact app. You should update your new address if you’ve moved to a new city. Let us know if you need more help changing your home address in Apple Maps on your iPhone.


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