Google Pixel Buds Pro leak gives us an early look at some new colors

There’s a whole lot of brand new Google hardware heading our way on Wednesday, but we’re also getting some fresh colors for the Google Pixel Buds Pro it would seem – and we now have an early look at those colors.

This comes from well-known render-maker @OnLeaks and The Tech Outlook (via 9to5Google). We’ve got renders of the earbuds in colors that are being called ‘Bay Blue’ and ‘Porcelain’ – a pale blue color and an off-white color.

Right now your choices for the Pixel Buds Pro are Charcoal (dark gray), Fog (very light gray), Lemongrass (light yellow-green) and Coral (a sort of pink-orange). Apart from the new colors, nothing else is expected to change with the Pixel Buds Pro.

Those colors haven’t been chosen at random, because the Google Pixel 8 color options are expected to include Bay Blue and Porcelain too. Previously, the Pixel Buds A were released in a Sea blue to match the Pixel 7a.

Previous leaks

This isn’t completely out of the (bay) blue: there have previously been rumors and even images of the new colors coming to the Pixel Buds Pro, so at this stage it would be something of a surprise if the wireless earbuds didn’t get a refresh in the next week.

In fact it might even be the case that the Pixel Buds Pro will be included in a Pixel 8 deal of some kind. One leak we’ve heard about is that the Pixel Watch 2 will be offered as a free gift for those who buy the Pixel 8 Pro – and Google did something similar last year.

Of course all the attention is going to be on the Pixel 8, the Pixel 8 Pro, and the Pixel Watch 2 at Google’s event on Wednesday, October 4. Google has confirmed the devices are on the way, though we don’t officially have much yet in the way of details.

Those details should arrive on Wednesday, and there might be a few bonuses besides new colors for the Pixel Buds Pro – we’ll be covering everything live. As yet though, we don’t have any indication that any Pixel Buds Pro 2 earbuds are on the way.


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